Wow that was cold!

My project was about foot prints, about how we leave a physical trace. If I walk around in my neighborhood, in the snow, for an hour, my footprints will be a physical representation of the time I spent walking and the places I went. If I walked in to a shop my prints would be brown water from melted snow. Similar to any other kind of sound or visual recording or printing the prints will tell about time and various conditions.

On the day of our class event I had hoped that the sidewalks would be covered in brown, muddy slush as they are most days. Then I only had to provide a white surface for people to step on and the physical trace of their presence would be framed immediately. But because of the vast amounts of clean, white snow I chose to use shoe polish underneath the shoes to get a clear graphic print.

It was a great experience to be out on the campus area and work when everybody else was hurrying indoors to escape the weather. It felt a bit like being in a happy, ignorant pocket in public space. And I think the weather made our hole event stand out more than if it had taken place in warmer weather during summer.

Christian Hansen


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