For my Fleet project (Inspiring Indifference) I put a sign that stood at body height in front of the St.Catherine st entrance of the EV building asking what the purpose was. It stood without explanation, quietly asserting itself in the snowbank in the ongoing storm.

I had read on an art blog that the least successful kinds of public art are those that inspire indifference, so I took my queue from that. I wondered, “what would accomplish this?” So the text in my piece referenced what indifference might look like as intervention.

Previous to the installation, I was thinking of public art as intervention. Intervention because it’s an imposition of something that has no purpose there, but that of itself. I wanted to intervene on presupposed concepts of art and public art; what altered meanings the art brings with it when placed publicly; what it takes away from typical association of art spaces (galleries), if any.

The location of the piece seemed to motivate particular conceptualizations of the interpretation. Directly outside a principle exit for a university would probably have made the spectator (if s/he bothered) to apply the question to the point of the education or path. I recieved a comment that it was a question that was asked to (her)self often, which, in art school, or any school, was nothing new.

Michelle Lundqvist


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