Fleet was my friend’s and my first experience at public art. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience and we would not hesitate to do it again. The most interesting part was to see the reaction and the questions the public had toward the work. Some interrogated us by pure curiosity and desire to understand the whole meaning behind our actions while most just passed by doing what they were asked without a word. The team spirit was high and joy was in the air. The whole night had a magical feeling, maybe because it was snowing.

Personally, I was a little suspicious about the idea of exhibition outside without any permits. I was aware that not everybody would be able to have it exactly as they wanted. Turns out, it was us who couldn’t get the white board outside. We had to deal with security but we still manage to draw on the public space but inside the school. Drawing inside was fun but we didn’t have a big public. People are used to see art happening at Concordia, especially next to the FOFA. My drawing teacher, Jim Holyoak, just spent the three previous weeks drawing inside the FOFA window, so it was nothing new.

We really experienced public art when we went outside to give a hand to the team who was doing the light project. This was the high point of the evening. Interacting with people on the street was so much more exiting.  I really wish your project would have happened outside. I’m looking forward in trying public art anytime soon.

Marie-Chantal Lemieux


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