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Light objects finished product

Building the objects


FLEETing….like the wind

the light-orbs in progress!!!


Feb. 2 // FLEET – Public Art
February 2, 2011
6 – 9 PM
Location: Beginning at the FOFA atrium

ARTX280AA will be exhibiting their work within the area defined by the map of the SGW campus found on the Concordia University website.

From this monochrome map that delineates the area where the campus is contained, we will add some vitality and personal content. Using bright coloured flags to mark the sites, students will choose a spot from the map to exhibit their work at that location. We will provide printed pamphlets with information for suspecting and unsuspecting visitors. The work will be varied; some performance, sculpture, text work, relational, participatory, sound etc. all percolating at the same time within the parameters of this SGW map.

The hope is to animate and create points of interest, discovery, intimacy and thought in an otherwise rather mundane corridor….if even just for a few hours. We will appear as if switched on and fade away a short while later perhaps leaving a trace of colour.

ARTX 280 (Integrated Studio in Contemporary Art Practices) is a studio course designed to familiarize students with contemporary art practice and theory in its diverse manifestations. The course questions the boundaries of traditional art disciplines and engages the creative potential of transdisciplinary studio practice with a range of projects that explore, among other things, gesture, mapping, mark- making and time-based image and sound, as well as performance.