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cadavre exquis

exquisite corpse video :

exquisite corpse

exquisite corpse (cadavre exquis) :
exquisite cadavre movie:

perhaps a tiny bit of inspiration lies within……….

Excerpts of the following film are available on the NFB website, as you’ll see…hopefully this might give us a bit more background…culturally… historically….
Memories of Angels
By Luc Bourdon, 2008
Part one: interview with Luc Bourdon
Excerpt 2

here’s another:
Montreal By Night
by Arthur Burrows and Jean Palardy, 1947(11min.)

and here’s one i thought we could think of creating an introductory but  anti-tourist video (or something) about montreal; yet have a similar but sarcastic approach …anyway….

food for thought…

More possible sites-Public Art Montreal

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