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walk in old port


Jacques-Cartier and Notre-Dame east

This was on a shiny day!! People feels relax and nobody seems to walk there because they were living near.  They were all tourist people, I think! By 11 o’clock in the morning, there’s was couple and lonely people. They were there for the nice atmosphere. So, I start to walk at the champs-de-mars metro station and I pass by the city hall building.  After, I walk down Jacques-Cartier where in the summer there is a lot of artist that show their work. It’s a good place for us because a lot of people walk by. It took me 1hour and a half to walk in the old port: start to metro champs-de-mars to quay of the old port. I took different little street like vaudreuil street, saint-paul street and saint-sulpice.


Space and Time: Hard Decisions

Counting Down Some More Minutes

In meditation a Zen Monk might argue that time and space are non-entities, but resting below large piles of papers, schedules, write ups, and non-stop brainstorming sessions, time and space are major challenges for our cart-trot. When we refer to space, we mean where?

It’s never easy making decisions as a collective group, especially when each of the twenty-two artists has such specific needs. It took us three weeks to decide on what kind of wheels to use for our 2×4 carts. No wonder it’s taking us this long to decide on where we want to travel, and where we want to remain stationary. With everything still elusively up in the air, we at least have one firm decision and that is, we have divided ourselves into three very distinctive groups who will be circulating the Montreal downtown, Plateau / Mile End, and Old Port/ Lachine Canal districts at various times throughout the month of April.

In this week ARTX meeting we began to form special task forces, where in groups of three or four, we will be tackling the design layout of our pre and post show catalogue publication, whereas other groups will be helping out with publicity, and translation. By the end of this week, we anticipate having a newly designed map of Montreal, with a general legend indicting where and when each of the three groups will be headed and how you can meet up with them.

With all that being said, we are in the limbo when it comes to an exact date. It’s not easy trying to make accommodations for twenty-two people, mainly because of personal constraints or family matters. The truth of the matter is, the show 2x4x22, can’t be re-named nor be reduced to 2x4x21, hence, this is our challenge with time, trying to ensure that we can all be there at the same time to exhibit our carts. Pulling dates from our lucky hat, we looked at the possibilities of April 16,17,18, and all the other dates surrounding it. Then we reverted back to April 10, 11,12, but then doing a full circle and coming back to April 18th. Right now we are planning, trying not to think too much, and just carrying on building our carts to the best of our ability. We foresee April 18th as our designated date but there are too many variables, perhaps by next week everything will be vetoed and we’ll be back to the drawing board with no front-running dates.t

Sienna’s caster study 1



get lost.

00 - a map

from headquarters to viger square.

i felt i had to follow the sea.

the thing with spring is that it has the ability to remind me of all prior springs.  incidentally on 11 april 2007, i photographed a journey along similar yet very different lines of memory.  i wasn’t reminiscing about anything other than the idea of reminiscing.  it felt like i was a foreigner trying to reforeignise a newly familiar place.  i wanted to get lost, but i couldn’t.  the seaway led the way.

things i have seen

[besides too much poop]

walking south on guy, i decided to walk as far south as the land will take me.

01 - guy and st jacques

sneaking past the guards

02 - sneaking past the guards

04 - canal

05 - old house

07 - industry

09 - bonsecours market

10 - mucky

possible gathering places ::

cirque du soleil tent like apparatus

10 a - cirque du soleil gathering

square near bonsecours market, lots of benches and even some picnic tables.  lunch?

11 - gather

viger square – what a weird little place, situated on the ville marie expressway, half way between old montreal and downtown [new montreal]

12 - viger square

idea ::

immortal creature on a mortal cart, pulled by a mortal, in a mortal city.

by transdifferation, the territopsis nutricula is able to switch from polyp to jelly stage, that is to mature sexually, and then switch back to polyp stage.  the ability to switch physical states makes this creature biologically immortal. like, whoa.

here, i am taking my mortal versions of these creatures, among many other polyps and corals that may or may not have existed in the iapetus ocean that covered this land when it was situated in the southern hemisphere 600 to 400 million years ago.

Old Port/Canal Team meeting notes

Here are the notes from the Old Port/Canal Team meeting last Friday.

Route: One main trajectory, with optional satellite-sites and pre-determined meet-up points

Trajectory: From the Old Port to the Atwater market

Possible satellite-sites: Chinatown, Centre des Sciences, Centre du Commerce Mondial, construction sites

Possible meet-up point/overnight parking: Darling Foundry (Julia is in charge of contacting them)

Ideal dates for the show: Tuesday April 14th (make-up day for Friday) to Thursday the 16th, with a closing party on the 16th

Time: Maybe 3 hours per day, including lunch time when in the Old Montreal/Griffintown area (ie. multimedia central)

Help needed: one person to document and one ‘roadie’, to help us with any problems, hand out ‘brochures’ about the show and explain the project to the unsuspecting audience

Audiences: invited guests, business people on their lunch hour, joggers, dog-walkers, cyclists, families near the market, tourists in the Old Port, kids near the Centre des Sciences

Interaction with the audience: Carina’s cart can play a role in introducing the project to the public, since she will be in a character, interacting directly with the audience. I (Florence) will not be in character, and can inform the viewers as well. Julia will be in character and not interacting with others.  Phil will be moving non-stop (poppin’ babies) and Julie… I forgot!